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Travel Trick: How to book a cheaper flight

I’m not a huge fan of travel agents. I can certainly see the appeal of them as they are convenient and take away the hassle of organising a trip away but in my experience booking flights yourself is often much cheaper then using a travel agent. Travel agents will always be confined to booking from an Australian booking engine. This is just a quick example on how booking through an international website can be cheaper then booking directly thorough the Australian affiliate or the airline itself.

Last year, I flew a one-way QF numbered flight (operated by Emirates) from Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur. After looking around most Australian websites and speaking to a travel agent the cheapest I could find for that particular flight was about $1000. I ended up paying about $650 by booking through the Brazilian arm of popular booking company Expedia (despite the whole website being written in Portuguese and the fact I had to pay in Brazilian Reals).

Here’s how you do it.

(1)  Using an airline search matrix, such as Kayak or Sky Scanner, do a search for the route and date you want to fly on. Use this price as a start point.

(2)  Once you have found the flight (or flights) which suit your travel itinerary go directly to the airline website and check if its any cheaper booking it directly through the airline. As a side note, it might be worth deleting your cookies before you do this as I’ve heard airlines can manipulate prices depending on your browsing history.

(3)  Check one or 2 international websites to see if they are selling the same fare at a reduced rate. Two of my favourites are Expedia Brazil and Expedia Ireland. The problem that some of these websites may not be in English is easily solved by using a browser with a built in translator (try Google chrome). Whether it works comes down to potluck I guess, but in my experience Qantas international flights from certain destinations tend to be significantly cheaper.