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Travel Trick: How to avoid paying airline booking fees

One of the biggest gripes with booking online is the booking and service fee airlines charge you each time you book a ticket with them. For example Virgin charges you 7.70 booking fee per ticket. Jetstar isn’t much better, charging $8.50 for booking unless you use a Jetstar credit card or pay with direct debit at least 2 weeks before you flight. While this fee may be acceptable for each booking, the charge actually applies to every ticket booked on the literary. So today when I was booking a few return domestic tickets for a weekend away in Melbourne, it looked like I was going to be paying almost an extra $50 on top of my ticket price ($7.70 each way for three tickets). If there’s one thing I can’t stand, its paying for something that isn’t really anything (I’m not exactly sure what a booking and service fee is) – and when they charge you for every fare on the booking it just seems like a plain rip off. So I had a bit of a dilemma. The solution The solution as it turns out is pretty simple. In the past I’ve written that I’m not the biggest fan of travel agents, but one thing I do like about them is that travel agents don’t charge a booking and service fee or a surcharge if you pay cash. So I went to flight centre with the flight number I wanted to book and asked the travel agent to book them for me. Booking through flight centre, paying with cash meant I managed to book the three tickets, while avoided paying an extra $50. The only drawback I can think of using this method is no free travel insurance if you usually use your credit card to pay. If you’re really charming sometimes you can convince them to waive the credit card surcharge too. But for a domestic trip I usually don’t bother with travel insurance, and using this little trick means that you’ve got a bit of extra cash to spend on your holiday. I’m only annoyed I didn’t think of this idea sooner!