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Top Tips For Choosing The Right Holiday Insurance

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Holiday Insurance
Taking out holiday insurance is essential if you’re going away. While no one likes to think that something may go wrong, insurance provides you with the peace of mind that you will be covered should something happen, allowing you to enjoy your holiday without that added worry.

However it isn’t always simple finding the right travel insurance for you so here are some top tips for choosing the right holiday insurance:
  • Its worth doing your own research online to find the best value and most comprehensive cover for you. Avoid taking travel insurance through your travel agent as often this can be much more expensive than booking directly. Look on price comparison sites such as Money Supermarket or Go Compare to find the best deals.
  • Travel insurance though shouldn’t be booked on price alone and you should always check the cover limits to ensure you agree with the protection offered by the insurer. Buying the cheapest travel insurance may mean if you do come to claim you may find you’re not covered!
  • Consider an annual policy if you plan to travel more than once in the year. It is often more cost effective to take out an annual travel insurance policy. Also think if you are planning to make one of those a ski holiday you would need winter sports cover so make sure you factor that into the policy!
  • Compare excess charges. Excess means if you do claim then this is the amount you will have pay when a claim is filed and often this can almost be as much as the item you are claiming for! Some insurers suchoffer a policy with zero excess.
  • Always declare any medical conditions you and anyone you are travelling with suffers from as not doing so may mean any future claims are void.