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Top Romantic Destinations: Geneva on the lake-Geneva, New York

Geneva on the lake-Geneva, New York
Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Geneva on the Lake is Ohio's first Summer resort. Many families plan a trip well in advance to ensure the best lodging and vacation time possible. That doesn’t mean however, that if you don’t you plan you wont have fun here. Actually, ‘Geneva on the Lake’ is fun for all.

What’s on offer at Geneva on the lake?

  • You get all kinds of living places here, from the regular one room lodgings to Honey Moon suites. And all types of family sizes can fit in comfortably in the available places at most comfortable budget. You can choose from cottages, homes, motels, a new state lodge and private guest houses.
  • And for those who think they no place can be perfect, the town has well maintained golf courses. Now that is picture perfect.
  • When you are done with a round of golf, you unwind with wine and get dizzy with the beauty of the sunsets, with the summer breeze wafting in from across the lake waters.
  • Geneva State Park offers safe docks at the harbor for those visitors who come by boat. That means more reasons for family fun. Of course a must visit site is the the miniature versions, which are a sure hit when considering family fun.
  • An air of old-worldly charm hangs on Geneva on the Lake, making it an ideal lakefront getaway vacation spot. Geneva residents have been known for their warm hospitality and culture of tolerance. So that makes this place friendlier

Geneva on the Lake: tourism trends

On the American north coast for generations, Geneva on the Lake has an enviable tourist attraction. The famous entertainment Strip brims with activity, arcades, amusement rides, restaurants, nightclubs, live music and what else would want anyway! Oh yes the lake; Lake Erie offers water babies a ‘whale’ of a time with sports like fishing, boating, and swimming near the vicinity of the lodgings.

Geneva's most famous monument, ‘The Jet d'eau’, is the world's tallest water fountain. So make sure you get your camera fully loaded with those rolls or get your batteries fully recharged.

The Old Town takes you to the past lives of native people with around thirty museums and art galleries dotted around the city. Some such galleries are: the International Red Cross, Red Crescent Museum and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

And if art is boring for you, then the cruise through the lake will definitely entertain as much as it relaxes you.

There is a big Market Street in Geneva where tourists flock to buy those Swiss watches. And if you think that you need to go to this place to purchase a Swiss watch, then go window-shopping with your partner, and try and resist the temptation not buy anything.

Geneva’s largest outdoor flea market opens on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 8 am to 5 in the evening. This one is a must visit for lovers of antiques, records, vintage clothing and other curios. And if you are not tired of shopping, then you can choose hiking, boating, swimming and what not.