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Top Party Destinations: Other World Kingdom, Prague, Czech Republic

Top Party Destinations: Other World Kingdom, Prague, Czech Republic
At the geographical center of Europe is the Czech Republic- a landlocked country, sharing boarders with Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia that provides a meeting point for many European cultures.

Prague: pretty, potent and alluring

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and the city lives up to its crowning as the most happening and heady mix of culture and creativity providing place that is source of inspiration for tourists planning a romantic get away or just a short break from routine. Prague is now being recognized as the party capital of Europe that is ideal for a weekends, honeymoon holiday or a cultural tour, with senior citizens and youth from many nations wanting to know more about what lies beneath the amazing architecture at Prague.

Prague: picture postcard pretty and rocking too!

Prague has an enviable collection of charming towns; castles and Chateaux’s and each has a fascinating story to tell. Visitors to Prague have well-organized sightseeing tours and a multiplicity of services offered: from bathing in luxurious spas and visiting countryside villages to skiing in the mountains and white water rafting along the Vltava River.
  • The most exciting entertainment factor at Prague is its rocking nightlife. Prague has a multitude of exclusive, chic clubs, smooth as silk cocktail bars and underground urban dance dens that are a veritable treat for music lovers.
  • Finding a place to unwind, dance and drink is never a problem at Prague as tour operators provide complete lists of some of the best bars, pubs and nightclubs within the Czech capital.
  • The feeling of being in a mythical movie inspired other world kingdom never actually goes away while one discovers Prague on foot and it is possible to lose oneself in a dream-like sequence when strolling down the beautiful labyrinth of medieval streets here. Most of these streets, however, open into the vibrant world of the coziest and trendiest pubs and bars in central Europe, so the dream-sequence ends pleasantly enough-cheers to that!
  • Licensing laws at Prague are close to limitless and one is spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the cup that cheers. The young have bars to suit their sensibilities and yuppie factors that are highlighted in d├ęcor and theme nights; the differently inclined have cheesy stag do’s at Czech nightclubs, up-market DJ-lounges and funky clubs. All this exposure to great living and partying has made Prague a popular destination for stag weekends.
  • The old town has alcohol bars that serve around 400 delicious cocktails and plays live music most nights of the week, either from local DJs or the talented musicians.
  • Aloha! is one of the stylish cocktail bars with a wave lounge where the interior reflects of a 60s south pacific Hawaiian theme. Hapu, Bugsy's or Barock are also good choices for fine cocktails and cool vibes. They are excellent for discerning travelers that want to avoid the stag night type of atmosphere.