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Top Party Destinations: Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

Top Party Destinations: Oktoberfest-Munich, Germany
Munich was officially founded in 1158 and is the capital of Bavaria since 1503. The city has many museums and a bright art scene; the city center being easily accessible on foot makes for a great tourist attraction. The charming old town of Munich has many fine examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and neo-classical architecture and apart from the structural beauty, the other tourist-puller is the Oktoberfest, held annually.

Munich and its many offerings

At the center of Munich is an expanse of cheery cafes and bars that are called 'Marienplatz'. The 'Glockenspiel' chimes away at noon and draws masses to the city hall, a much photographed place; the other pictures of beauty are granted courtesy the many churches here: 'Frauenkirche', 'St. Peterskirche' and 'Heiliggeistkirche.' Weather permitting and luck abiding, one gets to glimpse the awesome Alps nearby from one of the many turrets. Other places of interest in Munich are the 'Residenz', the 'Viktualienmarkt', one of Europe's greatest food markets and Nymphenberg castle, that is a beautiful Baroque palace that once served as the royal family's summer residence. Other world-class events, which Germany is famous for, include the Christmas markets, Rhine in Flames and the regional events, which also attract visitors throughout the year.

Food, friends and festivities: Oktoberfest!

Munich is famous for its food and favorite beverage – Beer! There are numerous traditional breweries in Munich that export their various sorts of lager, pils, bock and 'Weißbier' (wheat beer) throughout the world and earn it the reputation of being the best beer provider in the world. The 'Hofbräuhaus' is one of the best beer bars that Munich is famous for. Munich's first ever 'Oktoberfest' was held in 1810 to celebrate a royal wedding, replete with horse races and an interesting list of culinary delights. The culinary delights includes primarily the beer, which is much more popular than the wedding ceremony and horse races and set the trend for times to come. From that time to the current day, the Munich beer festival has been repeated on an almost annual basis, with exceptions being interruptions due to only major catastrophes like war or the outbreak of epidemics that stopped Munich's inhabitants from gathering at the green expanse called 'Wies'n', the festival's location.

Let the good times roll! Oktoberfest aspects
The annual 'Oktoberfest' is a very unique experience. It is the grandest beer festival held annually at Munich and attracts visitors in thousands. People at the Oktoberfest cannot help but be drawn in to the revelry and infectious gaiety of fellow tourists going gaga over beer served in 1-liter units, called 'Mass'. Though called 'Oktoberfest', it actually takes place in September, as the Bavarian autumn can be tricky and throws a surprise with early cold and snow. Oktoberfest is supported by beer tents and amusement segments to keep a steady stream of visitors occupied with drinking beer and letting the good times roll: ably accompanied by amusements like roller coasters, circus appearances, festival parades and live brass bands for all 16 days of the festival.

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