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Top Party Destinations: Mazatlan, Mexico

Top Party Destinations: Mazatlan, Mexico
Mazatlan, pronounced Mah-saht-lahn, is a unique city with a different flavor that each tourist interprets and savors differently as the destination has a lot to offer in terms of scenic beauty, activities, souvenirs & food. Mazatlan is Mexico’s biggest commercial port and the country’s most popular beach resort, made famous in no small measure, with the shrimp that is available in abundance here.

A quick peek into Mazatlan offerings

This city is Mexico's second largest coastal city after Acapulco, with around 600,000 inhabitants and is home to Latin America's large fleet of commercial shrimp vessels amounting to oround 800 boats. This is almost 40 tons of shrimp processed each year, making Mazatlan the shrimp capital of the world and a must-visit for seafood lovers and beachfront revelers alike.

Tourism trends in Mazatlan

  • Mazatlan is famous for its fiestas and fun events conducted annually. The Carnival, in February, makes the city colorful with thousands of costumed celebrants enjoying on the resort's streets and beaches.
  • Mexicans love holidaying as much as their siestas and fiestas-any time is party time may well be the Mexican motto as these people sure know how to have a good time. This is the reason why fishing and other sporting tournaments, and cultural events holidays fill out the calendar year in Mazatlan and elsewhere in Mexico.
  • Mazatlan has three different zones: the port and downtown area, Old Mazatlan, is at the southern end of a peninsula, the Zona Dorada or the golden zone is to the north some four miles away and between the two. It is a long curvy stretch of mostly undeveloped beach serves as a sort of buffer between the port and resort zone. This separation allows the resort community to co-exist nicely with one of Mexico's busiest commercial ports.
  • Mazatlan makes its tourists feel comfortable with the charming seaside with long, wide sandy beaches and rolling surf lined with open-air bistros and bars. Strolling vendors hawk their wares, parasails float upward, and sunbathers of all ages throng in the blue Pacific waves that helps rejuvenate.
  • Mazatlan offers some exotic seafood and nightlife and shopping which is a good experience too. The town has many art galleries and handicraft markets with loads of water sports along with the world's finest deep-sea fishing opportunities. Mazatlan's famous nightspots are located in the Golden Zone, Fiesta Land and Mazatlan’s luxurious resorts.
  • Time and pace in Mazatlan is according to the Mountain Time Zone and it observes daylight savings time.

The Mazatlan-Mexican merry making at its peak

Mazatlan is a famous Mexican elite party-town and it offers great music and night life to visitors with fun for making merry and memories at a variety of theaters, restaurants, live music shows, energetic bars and luxury hotels of the Golden Zone- the rocking nightlife is the highlight of any Mazatlan vacation.

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