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Top Party Destinations: Ibitza, Spain

Top Party Destinations: Ibitza-Spain
The minute you think Ibitza you think of clubbing till the wee hours of the morning! That’s the popular tourist perception of Ibitza, the island town in Spain. Though this is not far from the truth, there is actually a lot more to Ibitza than simply being called the ‘clubbing capital of the world.’ Ibiza has a whole lot more to offer its visitors and is rich in architectural splendor and cultural extravaganzas too, apart from providing great food, good locales and loads of water sports in the sun and sand.

The town of Ibiza is a good example of a fortified acropolis which has in its walls and in its urban fabric imprints of the earliest Phoenicians settlements, Arab and Catalan period influences and those left over by the once-existing Renaissance bastions. The town has progressed from building the defensive walls of olden times and has somehow managed to incorporate them into the current street pattern without deviation from tradition or taste.

Ibiza beaches: soak up the sun

The Island of Ibiza has around 300 days of sunshine per year; as a result you can enjoy them practically all year around with no concept of a cold winter. However, the summers are an ideal time for holidaymakers to come party at this island paradise and they do come in droves! So, those planning a Winter trip to Ibitza have a distinct edge over the summer-trippers as there are lesser tourists, more sun beds, clean and calm waters for them to enjoy and winter time in Ibitza is ideal for taking long walks and breathing plenty of fresh air.

Where’s the party tonight? 

Ibitza revelry scenei n the world. Definitely a musical heaven for those that enjoy rave and Hip Hop, which has fast become the flavor in clubs like pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, or El Divino are known world over for hosting the best parties with some of the most famous in-house DJ's. Some clubs like Pacha, Eden of Es Paradis are known to host brilliant parties which are the best of UK and US MC's in attendance of the festivities there. A strong underground Trance music movement has currently taken charge of the clubbing scene in Ibitza with parties held nowadays in country villas or far away spots and the local hippy markets giving the daily dose on what’s happening where!

This island has something for every one and has relaxed rejuvenation of the musical sorts at its legendary Jazz Club, Cafe Pereira, which have live Jazz every night of the week and is a winner for many oldies. Local Spanish music and religious and cultural fiestas are a treat to watch including festivities of the town's patrons saints, which come with free food and drinks made freely available, at low or no cost to those attending.

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