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Top Party Destinations: Full Moon Party, Thailand

Full Moon Party-Thailand
Ko Phangan, in Thailand, has beautiful beaches and is quite inexpensive, basic bungalows are well known globally for its simple beach life on one hand and exotic revelry on the other. This Thai island is famous for its awesome full moon parties and hedonistic culture, which has contributed, in no small measure, to its having gained so much popularity among world tourists down the years.
During the early 1990's, Phangan became very popular among backpackers, budget tourists and aging hippies who seek a modern day paradise.
This place has cheap accommodation, New Age therapies and cheap food. With so much going on, Phangan became very popular with visitors through word of mouth and excellent service from the locals. The Full Moon party had started with only a few hundred participants but advertising with a professional touch has now started attracting around 7,000 partygoers in recent times. Full Moon Parties for any year are usually scheduled to be held on January 14th, February 14th, March 14th, April 13th, May 13th, June 11th, July 12th, August 9th, September 7th, October 7th, November 5th and December 6th.
The Full Moon party is held once in a month at Haad Rin Beach, Ko Phangan and around 10,000 people make it more memorable with revelry continuing from dusk till dawn and even onto the next day. These parties include International visitors and Thai people celebrating together in the town of Haad Rin, which is home to a large mix of friendly Southern Thai hospitality and Ko Phangan's party culture. Ko Phangan is now a celebrated tourist stopover in Thailand and has risen to being called globally as a place with a unique vibe found only at the origin of the Full Moon Party. This event has bought the Island global notoriety, Haad Rin has become one of the biggest party centers in the world; attracting up to 20,000 people to the Full Moon Party at New Years Eve and 10,000 on an average Full Moon day. The town easily accommodates these visitors spreading over its great variety of restaurants, lodging choices and nightlife options. There are over twenty clubs, scores of bars and a multitude of eateries serving every cuisine under the sun, from Mexican to Indian and just about anything that could tickle your taste buds.
There is no dearth of fun activities in Thailand and Ko Phangan offers a beach lifestyle in keeping with the new age culture of good living and great re-living: the memories, that is. This island also offers scenic pathways for walking, clear waters for snorkeling, swimming, and of course belly dancing! The Full Moon Party transforms into a major dance festival, instead of the drug-camp it had become notorious for in between, things have changed a lot for this big Thai open disco on the beach.