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Top Party Destinations: Calgary Stampede, Canada

Calgary Stampede-Calgary, Canada
The Canadian West and the Calgary Stampede are two things remembered in one breath when we speak about getting a taste of western Canadian culture- and a warm July summer’s just the time for it.

Brief history of the Calgary stampede

The railways arrived in 1883 and both ranchers and farmers played a very important role in the local western economy. Summer time was very quiet for them and thus, early July is the perfect time to hold an event, which would both entertain and create new business ventures for Calgary and the West. So, as long back as 1912, an entrepreneurial cowboy named Guy Weadick, with the entrepreneurial spirit, began to sow the seeds of a germinated idea. He had seen Wild West Cowboy Shows produced in the United States and wanted to duplicate a show along those lines in Calgary; thus began the first Calgary Stampede in September 1912. Guy had the show financed by the Big Four, namely Lane, McLean, Burns and Cross at an impressive amount of $100,000 –a worthwhile amount since it became a roaring success.

Success of the Calgary stampede

The rodeo is one of the last honest contests in sport where passion determines success rather than a potential multi-million dollar deal and the competing athletes. The only success factor for this sport that defines it from others and puts it in a class apart from simply money making deals. The Calgary Stampede has given an opportunity for the sports lovers and rodeo-riders to come together to one grand stage with old-world charm and gutsy determination for around 100 years. The interest still has not changed and gaining entry requires a level of achievement that every professional rodeo competitor strives to reach on both sides of the border. In deciding this delicate issue, the Stampede committee has shown remarkable discretion in their decision making process- they have made the Calgary Stampede an invitation-only, stand-alone event; not sanctioned by either rodeo association. Thus, the end result has made the Calgary Stampede an innovative model for future rodeo events.

Changes on the anvil: Calgary stampede and riding success to continue

Changes coming in the 2006 Calgary Stampede includes an increase in prize money and multiple changes to the historic rodeo itself. Beginning with the prize money, the changes on the anvil include this rising to 1.6 million dollars total and Calgary Final Showdown money doubling from the previous amount of $50,000 to $100,000 for first winner,this makes it the highest single-day earnings in all of rodeo history. The by invitation-only entries include six standard events; bareback, steer wrestling, tie-down, saddle bronco and bull riding. The final change in the Calgary Stampede is that it will have no more entry fee, giving each competitor $1,000 dollars toward travel expenses and health insurance cover-a welcome move for competitors and fans. No wonder, the Calgary Stampede is reckoned as one of the best rodeo shows in the world.