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Top Party Destinations: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Top Party Destinations: Amsterdam-Netherlands
Amsterdam is one of the greatest and smallest cities in the world. It is fascinating in many terms like history, culture, diversity and romance, it is unparalleled in its beautiful architecture and natural scenes. Its canals and museums are famous world over as is its nightlife and rocking party scene. This is one of the main reasons for making it a must-see on every globe-trotter’s travel plans.

Amsterdam is a small city with tolerance and diversity. At the same time it also has the distinct advantages of a big city,be it consideration in terms of educational offerings, culture, entertainment, international standard restaurants & well-managed transport system. This last feature of Amsterdam is related to its numerous canals that are responsible for alternative means of commuting and thus the city has a little road traffic.

Amsterdam tourist attractions: hot spots

The main attraction of Amsterdam are Museums. The famous ones are the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. The city has around fifty museums which attract millions of visitors every year and the local tourism board is promoting these through their website and advertising on a large scale basis now.

The Coffee shops in Holland have the unique privilege of selling small amounts of cannabis eventhough these are strictly regulated and taxed also. However, these joints are not permitted to sell cannabis to anyone under 18 and also need to restrict it to less than 5g per customer. Hard drugs are strictly prohibited.

A canal boat cruise will give tourists an excellent general overview of the city and therefore is a must-include item in the travel plan. Most of the tours last for about 90 minutes and are an excellent way to see many of Amsterdam’s prime sights. You can check the boats out in front of Central Station and the Rokin canal near Squi Square, along the Leidsekade at the entrance to Vondelpark.

Another pleasurable option is checking out the town on foot for those with comfortable walking shoes and the historic canal ring transfers the atmosphere and architecture of Amsterdam’s Golden Age to the watchful eye and spirited soul.

There are many Dutch styled Brown Café’s and a unique taste of Holland is offered in the bitterballen appetizer, which are deep fried croquettes filled with beef and flour; those with a sense of gastronomic adventure may try out the herring and onion sandwich from one of the local street vendors.
The Van Gogh Museum is a good place to check on the kaleidoscopic impressionism the artist was famed for while the old masters are resting at the Rijksmuseum, which for most part, is closed for renovation until 2008.

Leidseplein is the main shopping district which runs from Leidsestraat to the Kalverstraat shopping arcade. On the way you can stop for interruptions in the form of ticketed nighttime shows or concerts. The Uitburo Ticketshop at the corner of Leidseplein and Marnixstraat is there to help with booking such events.

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