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Top 5 Countries With Long Visitor Visas for Travelers

Top 5 Countries With Long Visitor Visas for Travelers
Visitor visas are changing by every country in the world, each one put unique rules about how long you can benefit a visitor visa. There are some countries that provide visas travel faster and easier than others.

Some countries are strict, and it is a bit hard to get thier tourism and travel visa. Let's take China for example, to apply for a travel visa to this Asian country you absolutely need to present a detailed day by day itinerary of your trip if it will be for more than 30 days. If you want to visit Turkmenistan you have to sign up for an approved tour with an advanced booking for your hotels. In Russia, the complex and long procces that you have to follow make it one of the difficult travel visas to get in the world.

In contrast, many countries gives more facilities and easy steps to apply for a tourism visa. You can get your access as a tourist with very little restrictions, and stay for a while on long visitor visas. This gives you more chance to take your time, travel slowly and really enjoy as possible as you can your destination.
The following list features some amazing countries to visit where you can obtain a visitor visa smoothly with a big possibility to stay for a generous amount of time.

Please note: All visas in this post are only tourist visas, NOT Working Holiday Visas. A visitor visa is a special travel document that you need to have in order to enter a foreign country (in addition to your passport, of course.)

1. Georgia

Georgia, somewhat obscure Caucasus country for a lot of reasons: the stunning snow-covered mountains, the delicious hearty meat dumplings, the crumbling houses with their ornate balconies, the vibrant art and culture scene… But the most important reason which makes Georgia an interesting tourist attraction is its incredibly long visitor visas.

As a tourist, when you enter Georgia you will have all rights to stay for up to a YEAR. You can travel around this gorgeous country and visit its amazing tourist destinations comfortably for 12 months, eating khinkali, bathing in hot springs and drinking qvevri wine on rooftop patios. The Georgians say " a guest is a gift from god” – so perhaps that’s why they generously give their guests so much time to enjoy thier existence in Georgia.

Who is Eligible for This Visa?

Georgia's long visitor visas are eligible for 94 countries citizens including all EU states, USA, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

2. Malaysia

Malaysia Visa
All you will need to go to this Asian country is  booking an ongoing flight out of Thailand, and tickets to Kuala Lumpur with the cheapest deal on the internet. After the easy application process you will be able to stay in Malaysia a full 3 months the long visitor visas allowed.

Malaysia, one of the most popular countries to enter as visitor for free. To apply for Malaysia long visitor visa, you will need to determine all places you are going to visit and proof of funds or travel bookings. super easy, right?!.

To stay longer, you could take a quick trip to Singapore or Brunei for a while, then start the 90 day clock ticking again.

Who is Eligible for This Visa?

Citizens from 63 countries are eligible for this long visitor visa, including all European citizens, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and Iceland.


Ecuador beside of it lush jungles, beautiful beaches and fantastic hiking trails, it also provides a wonderfully travel visa policy. Citizens of most countries will not need to obtain a visa before visiting, you will get your visitor visa as long as you enter the country.

When you arrive in Ecuador you will be allowed to stay 90 days for free (other restrictions may apply to the Galapagos Islands) with option to extend your tourist visa.

Ecuador is a great and amazing American Country to enjoy comfortably, chilled out pace of travel. Whether you'd lovr to pass your 3 months surfing on the beach, enjoying city life in Quito or Cuenca or hiking in the Amazon, it’s worth taking the time to explore.

Who is Eligible for This Visa?

Citizens of the most countries in the world are eligible for this long visitor visa. Certain countries citizens must apply for an advanced visa first, including Afghanistan, Kenya, Nepal and Cuba.


As long as you don’t mind having the Van Halen song stuck in your head during your visit, I’d highly recommend traveling to Panama and spending some time there.

Citizens of most Western countries are eligible to obtain a 180 day tourist visa, you can get it when you arrive the country. You can choose Panama as your next travel destination and stay there for 6 months with no restrictions.

Panama City is enough amazing city, with cobblestone streets and historic colonial architecture. But you are might interested also to see some others places like Bocas del Toro and swing in a hammock in the sea breeze for a while. Of course, don’t miss the chance to see the country’s most famous engineering marvel "the Panama Canal".

Who is Eligible for This Visa?

Citizens from many countries are eligible to stay in Panama for 180 days, including all EU countries, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Brazil, Georgia and Mexico.


The Electronic Travel Authority Visa for Australia has came to replace the previous visitor visa which was complicated. It is a multiple entry visa that will allow you to enter the country for many times during the validity period of 12 months. Each visit shouldn't pass 3months, namely you can stay in Australia for a maximum of three months. This makes it the most flexible long visitor visa on this list.

If you use the visa to work then it doesn't grant employment rights. During your visa period you can do business visitor activities like making negotiations, attending conferences, etc. As well as you can apply for this visa to study in Australia.

If you’re below the age of 35 and from one of the eligible countries, you might consider an Australian Working Holiday Visa instead. This will allow you to stay for 12 consecutive months and get a job while you are there.

Who is Eligible for This Visa?

To apply for the Electronic Travel Authority Visa for Australia you must have an eligible passport and your country should be  in the list of countries whose citizens Australia allows to apply for this visa, including Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Greece, UK, USA and Malaysia.