Dealing With Travel Hangovers – The Healthy Way

Hangovers….horrible!  And for some travellers they tend to happen more frequently when enjoying life to the max.  Below are a few great solutions to that feeling of waking up sweaty, feeling sick and with a banging headache.  They apply to different areas of the world and will help in bringing your fitness back to where it should be whilst travelling (until the next party!) So next time you wake up thinking “Get me to a McDonald’s fast”, just remember how quickly those quarter pounders will turn into LB’s around the waist and remember these healthy and cheaper alternatives…
Drinking fresh coconut water from a coconut
Coconuts are available in abundance in hot climates and are said to contain the same five electrolytes which are found in our blood.  Just like sports replacement drinks, coconut juice restores and rehydrates your system flushing out the toxins which you worked hard installing the night before!  Even if you aren’t hungover coconuts are a great way of staying fit and healthy whilst on your travels.  The greener the coconut the better!
Get your hands on some banana and peanut butter (on wholemeal bread)
Both bananas and peanuts are said to be full of antioxidants.  Peanut butter also contains good fatty acids which will satisfy your cravings for grease! Plus the bread will go far in soaking up whatever is lurking in your stomach and will help you to feel full.
Fresh fruit smoothies
A great way to get your fix of antioxidants, potassium, natural sugars, vitamins and digestive enzymes.  The fresher the better.
Have some miso soup with your breakfast.
Miso soup, a traditional Japanese dish which replaces water, sodium, and other nutrients depleted by the consumption of alcohol.  It’s a fermented food that contains healthy bacteria. Miso can also aid with digestion. Too much alcohol is known to disrupt the stomach’s lining and can often result in a day spent on the toilet!
Get addicted to Omega 3′s.
If you’re going to get an addiction to any kind of pill, this is the one to do it with! There’s not much omegas aren’t good for.  Alcohol causes inflammation (which is at the root of most health problems), and omegas are proven to fight that inflammation in serious ass-kicking style. They will also help combat some of the unpleasant side effects of alcohol on your face, like dry, aggro, blotchy skin.
Bare these factors in mind next time you go to bed without drinking lots of water and fingers crossed your travel fitness will not suffer!