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5 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

5 Ways To Make Money While Traveling
Hands in the air if traveling more is your dream of life, but you don't have enough money to make it coming true.

That's what I thought. How annoying is that?!

Here’s the idea:

Most, if we don't say all travelers, don't have only one source of money.

The cash flows using more than one stream at once. These few dollars here and there add up to enough money to upgrade your lifestyle as a traveler.

The most important part?

If you're serious about it, with time, it will grow into more than just a small budget allowing you to start by.

Many travelers earn a comfortable  figures revenue every year! Dream come true, right?

That's why I chose this checklist of 10 ways to make money while visit your favorite traveling destinations, based on proven recommendations from experts living the dream.

You will discover some different ways to diversify your sources of income no matter what your skills, with tips and links to resources that can help you to start.

Are you ready to learn how to make money while traveling the world?

Here we start!

1. Tour Guide

Make money as DJ
If you have already visited an interesting destination, and if you stayed there enough to know your way around, then you can sell your knowledge about it by becoming a tour guide

The first step to do is to ask for a job at the local tourism office.

But if there is a salesperson in you:

Go around, spot the tourists and offer to guide them during their tour. In this way, there is no need to join an agency and start working for a commission, while you will get 100% of your earnings 

Reveal your favorite spots along with your tips and hacks for them not to be scammed like typical tourists.

2. House-Sitting

Make money doing house-sitting
An alternative strategy to make ends meet while traveling is to avoid paying for accommodation.

House-sitting lets you do just that. In exchange for looking after someone else's house, you get to stay at their place for free!

Here's the deal:

Keep your eyes on the property for the time indicated in the contract and in exchange, sleep in a fully furnished house that will make you feel like home even abroad. You can still go around, it's not a prison!

How to become a house-sitter?

House-sitting is one of the perfect ways to find a free or cheap place to stay when traveling.

There are several websites that can put you in touch with owners looking for someone to keep an eye on their house, but the most popular ones are MindMyHouse and TrustedHousesitters.

3. Manicure / Haircut / Massage

Make money doing Manicure / Haircut / Massage
You wouldn't believe how tempting it is to get a massage after a long day of travel. I know a guy who offered massages during his visit to Europe and was able to pay for accommodation and food every day!

Here we are not talking about open a salon on the road. For massages, you don't really need a formation by the way: anyone who's not a brute can give a decent massage I think. Having one will be appreciated of course and justifies your prices.


Well, you wouldn't want me to give you one. Don't offer haircuts if you can't deliver. Obviously.

How to offer your services?

Get in touch with the hostels in your town and ask them if you can put a sign to let people know that you are offering them haircut, massage, shave or anything else linked to well-being.

There's a party in town?

Offer your services for makeup and face-painting! You could even do it in the streets, kids would love that.

Hostels might ask you for a commission: try to negotiate a room for the night then.

4. Model

Abroad, when you look different from the locals, you are perceived as exotic. Use that to your advantage! Even if you never considered yourself especially handsome and pretty at home, it might be your moment of glory when you travel.

How to become a model while traveling?
You can also inquire if the local modeling agencies need a good-looking foreigner like you or hope to be spotted by someone in the street.

5. DJ

Make money as DJ
Music addict, you never travel without your equipment? Good for you, clubs and bars might be looking for someone to make their customers dance and stay longer.

If the managers are not too exigent, they might even let you play as long as you have a super cool Spotify playlist.

The important part about it is that it will keep you busy for the evening only, leaving you the whole day to travel and explore around. 

How to make money as a DJ abroad?

Again, there's no secret: go talk to bar and club owners. Provide preferences if you can and expect to be asked to do a demo.