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5 Common Mistakes Which Result In Gaining Weight Whilst Travelling

This isn’t a criticism, I’ve been there myself! Spending so long doing nothing you start creating new ways to do even less! – “is there a way I can get downstairs without going down the 2 flights of stairs that stand between me and the communal area?” Blame it on hangovers, blame it on the heat or in some cases (which I often did in South America) blame it on altitude. The truth is the only person your kidding is yourself. When I returned home with an additional 14lbs on the scales, not to mention the endless comments of “wow, you look well” (we all know well translates as well fed), I wish I’d never committed so many travel fitness faux pas! Here are my 5 biggest and most avoidable mistakes.

1. Taking the easy way up - there are countless opportunities every day when travelling to do cardio and not even realise you’re doing it. With so many awe inspiring views to be witnessed across the globe 9/10 the best angle is from as high as you can go! There’s always a viewpoint to be found….but there are also normally 2 ways of getting to the top! Cable cars / funiculars were my downfall! While my friend was keeping the added lb’s off by ALWAYS walking to the top I was taking the easy way and waiting up top with a piece of cake and a fizzy drink!

2. Sticking to my Western comforts - I’d never regarded myself as a fussy eater before South America and actually prided myself on being adventurous when it came to trying local cuisine! But there was only so many guinea pig specials and suspect meat and rice dishes I could stomach. This of course is a poor excuse as there’s always some kind of vegetarian option, as well as fish. Though it seemed that as soon as the partying began all concept of healthy diet went out of the window! I wanted good old hangover grease, which is fine once a month or so, but when it becomes as frequent as 4 times a week you’ve got a problem. I was actually asking locals where Burger King was, an idea I would never entertain back home, but it seemed the easiest way! Not the best way to stay fit when travelling.

3. Dos cerveza por favor - always ordering beer in 2′s because I was worried happy hour would end! I was on a budget and beer was always the cheapest option. This again would be fine had it been in moderation, but when travelling you tend to go out drinking at least 4 times a week. This is something I wouldn’t advise changing either, but one thing I have changed is what I drink. Although spirits tend to be more expensive in bars, there is nothing to stop you per-drinking g at the hostel. My personal favourite calorie saver is vodka, soda and a splash of lime! A few of those and you’ll be we’ll on your way to a great night minus the beer gut.

4. Taxi for one! - another factor that didn’t help me maintain any kind of travel workout was the price of taxis! When I was in Bolivia, the average taxi cost between 50p – £1, so instead of walking the 7 minutes to the place around the corner I would hail a taxi! This was made worse by the fact that taxi’s constantly stop and ask where you’d like to go and it just seems easier to tell them and jump in. Trust me, when you’re trying to shift the weight after, looking back it won’t seem like the easier option!

5. Not taking my every opportunity - when I left the UK I was running at least 3 times a week and was doing abdominal exercises daily. There was no way I would let my regime slip when at home, but as soon as my routine was broken I couldn’t see the ways (more likely I didn’t want to) of doing travel exercise. I was on the beach for at least a month of my travel, the perfect place for running and swimming in one, yet because it wasn’t my usual running ground I found myself making daily excuses. The beach is the easiest place to stay in shape and have fun whilst doing it…who doesn’t love snorkeling in the sea!? In Bolivia as well there were actually gyms! And as nothing in Bolivia costs over £5 I’m sure I could have found the time on a rainy day to treat my body to a workout! My excuse in Brazil is even more pitiful…they have free gyms on the beach…the perfect travel gym! Not to mention the endless number of trekking excursions available in each country at really reasonable rates. -I did one 4 day trek in Peru at the beginning of my trip and managed to convince myself that this was enough travel workout for the next 3 months!)

The truth is there are a million excuses I could create as to why I never really started a travel workout, but they are all pitiful. It’s actually in many ways easier to stay in shape when travelling than it is at home, as you can keep active every day whilst seeing the world, you just need to be sensible with your choices.